140 pc Stationary Set - San-X Kawaii Stationary

$45.5 $ 31.85
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5/31/2022 - In order to keep making a reasonable profit, I'm having to up my
prices to match Etsy's % they are taking away from me. I'm only going up a
$1.50 to see if it will offset the costs. I know this isn't fun and I'd prefer
not to do it but they are eating into my profits. I am currently working on a
store off of Etsy that will have prices back down to normal and will post that
on each listing once I have the URL. :)

This set comes with:
60 large memo sheets
60 small memo sheets
20 sticker flakes

All major brands are possible! The picture is just to give an idea!

Non smoking
No pet home
I have been quarantining since the original lock down and I’m fully vaccinated!

Additional Information
Brand megangoodsondesigns