1910s Antique Postcards "Friends" Used and Unused" Very Good Condition Lot of Five Different

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This is a lot of five "friends" postcards to send alone or to slip in
envelopes to your best friends. The used postcards can go to people who will
wonder who they came from (or you can cross off the "to and from". The used
ones in pencil can be reused by erasing and putting on a sticker (after
removing the stamp) (Hint: Pull the postcard off the stamp, not the stamp off
the postcard.... usually that works better) over the cancellation and erasing
the message. The blank ones you just plain use.

A very fun thing to do is to go to postcrossing.com and use them there. When
was the last time you got real mail that was unusual?

The postcards are described as follows:
"Let's Be Friends": Embossed, Used in pencil, one cent stamp cancelled from
Ashtabula to Thompson, Ohio, 1910, published by PBF, Serie 8397, in good
condition, one corner fold.
"True Friendship": Used in Ink, one cent stamp cancelled from Porterville, NY
to East Elma, NY, 1911 published by B, pc 214, good condition, some edge wear.
"Gladness": Unused, One cent stamp needed, published by AMP Co. Friendship,
USA Message, very good condition.
"Dear Friend": Unused, published by L.F. Pease, Buffalo, NY, very good
condition but some discoloration.
"A Token of Friendship": Unused, One Cent Stamp Needed, embossed, one corner

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