5 Incantation Postcards of your choice

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English Text
Greek Cypriot Text
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5 Pack - Incantation Postcards of your choice

ART POSTCARD - Affordable Artwork

Incantation available in both English and Greek Cypriot.

Buy a 5 pack of postcards and get a discount of 25 Euros.

Please message me your 5 choices and the language you would like each
incantation in.

I am researching into the similarities between rituals from various cultures
and scientific advancements. With the information gathered, I then create
incantations of my own that are conveyed through the combination of photography
and text, and presented in the form of a postcard.

When we treat routine actions as rituals we give ourselves a purpose, we are
internally motivated, we become aware, we feel a sense of belonging and this is
the concept behind this project. I always aim to create an interaction between
the audience and my work and the rituals are designed to lead you through a
mental and physical journey.

Dimensions: 16cm x 10.67cm

All postcards come carefully wrapped in a waxed sealed envelope.

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