5 Newspaper Style Templates Bundle for INDESIGN USERS ONLY!

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This newspaper template bundle is a must have for any serious crafter! Based
on the design and layout concepts of actual newspaper publications, these 5
templates are the real deal.

Some Important Features of the Newspaper Templates:
• Easily change the newspaper name, headlines, photos, articles, and other
text throughout
• Up to 12 pages
• Multiple sizes (8.5x11, 11x15, 11x17, 12x22)
• A mix of templates for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
• Prints on any printer and actual printing presses
• CMYK or RGB output
• JPG, PDF, PNG, or TIFF or PSD output

Live Preview
• See a live preview of the broadsheet template:

Bundle Includes:
• 12 Page Tabloid Newspaper Template for Adobe InDesign
• 12 Page Broadsheet Newspaper Template for Adobe InDesign
• 1 Page Letter & Ledger Newspaper Template Bundle for Adobe InDesign
• 1 Page Ledger Size Newspaper Template for Adobe Photoshop
• 1 Page Ledger Size Newspaper Template for Adobe Illustrator

Check out the full range of my newspaper designs on
https://www.newspaperdesigners.com. Please check before buying a template what
program it was designed in. Please feel free to share the links below on your
website, social media or blog.

Money Back Guarantee
We have sold over 900 newspaper templates for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,
and InDesign. If you are not fully satisfied with the newspaper template
contact us for a full refund. We offer a 100% money back guarantee - no
questions asked!

For technical support, refunds, or any other questions, please email us at ted
[!at] newspaperdesigners.com or visit:
Visit our website at http://www.newspaperdesigners.com

A Disclaimer on Fonts
It is difficult to sell newspaper templates without being unethical in regards
to fonts. Many fonts are free in our templates and many are not. To that end,
we do not want to infringe on Copyright issues regarding fonts. If you know
that a font should be licensed, please, within reason, do get a license. One
way to do this in a way that is practical and not going to break your bank, is
to get a subscription to Skyfonts or Typekit. Both of these offer large font
libraries at good prices. Many of my templates do include copyrighted fonts,
but this is just so that the template works "out of the box". I hate selling
things that don't work right away. But I also want to encourage ethical
behaviour. Please visit skyfonts.com or typekit.com to get a subscription.

Fonts Used
Fjalla One (Free font!) https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/fjalla

Abril Titling https://typekit.com/fonts/abril-titling

Myriad Pro https://typekit.com/fonts/myriad

Minon Pro https://typekit.com/fonts/minion

Caslon Bold https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/caslon-bold/
Arial https://www.fonts.com/font/monotype/arial (System Font for Windows /
Office Users)
Georgia https://www.fonts.com/font/microsoft-corporation/georgia (System Font
for Windows / Office Users)
Old English (Manuscript) : https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/old-english/
(logo font)
Thanks for purchasing our newspaper templates!

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