Big Foot American Flag Mtn Scenery Vinyl Decal Set, 4runner Window Decal Set, Jeep Window Decals, Big Foot Window Decal

$55 $ 38.5
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**Color in picture is MATTE BLACK!**

This listing is for a trim-to-fit Big Foot American Flag Mtn Scenery Vinyl
Decal Set in your choice of color!

There will be one for each rear side window. You will need an Xacto Knife or
something sharp to trim away the excess once you apply. I recommend using the
"Hinge Method" and looking up some videos on YouTube as to how to achieve this.
It makes application MUCH EASIER! If you are hesitant or unsure, I would
recommend reaching out to a professional in your local area for application

*We are not liable for mishaps during the application process. Please reach
out to a local professional if you need help with applying.

Are you looking for a different design? Send me a message and we can work
together to come up with your perfect decal!

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