Branding Package- Premade logo and stationery design - Bohemian Boutique, boho neutral logo design

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Stationery package 1
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Premade branding that will elevate your brand without breaking the bank.

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• Main Logo
• Submark Logo
• Alternate Logo
• Favicon
• Colour palette HEX codes
• Transparent watermarks of all Logos
• High-Resolution Files PDF and PNG Vector optional
• Black and White Watermarks included
• Suitable for web, social media and print


• Main Logo
• Submark Logo
• Alternate Logo
• Favicon
• Colour palette HEX codes
• Transparent watermarks of all Logos
• High-Resolution Files PDF and PNG Vector optional
• Black and White Watermarks included
• 2x Stationery Designs (please choose from the list below)


• Main Logo
• Submark Logo
• Alternate Logo
• Favicon
• Colour palette HEX codes
• Transparent watermarks of all Logos
• High-Resolution Files PDF and PNG Vector optional
• Black and White Watermarks included
• 4x Stationery Designs (please choose from the list below)


• Business card
• Pricelist
• Compliment slip
• Loyalty card
• Letter header
• Email footer
• Advertising flyer
• Instagram post template
• Instagram story template
• Sticker design
• Tissue paper design
• Menu design
• Invite design
• Poster design

If there is a design you are after that’s not on the list please get in touch
and we would be more than happy to help.

*Watermarking your photos requires an app (e.g. Canva or picsart) or photo
editing software. We only supply the transparent files, and not watermarking
apps or software.

This is a premade design-
What is a premade design? Our premade designs are logo or branding designs
where the wording and colours ONLY can be changed to suit your business. These
are designs that we have already created and the changes that can be made are
minimal. These premade designs are not one off designs and will be resold.


Please be specific on what colour you would like your designs, swatches or
screen prints of colours really help!
We are happy to switch to a font from any of our other designs, or to a font
of your choice, on the conditions that:

- Please put this request in your notes when your place your order, to ensure
this is clear before we start working on your designs.

- If you own a font you would like us to use please send us the files and the
commercial licence with the approval of the font creator to share.
Alternatively, send us the funds and link to purchase the font of your choice
and the commercial licence.


What are vector files and why should I purchase these?

Vector files are scalable, without losing quality, and usually required by
commercial printers when printing on Packaging, clothing or large-scale signage.
If you only need your logo’s for social media and small scale printing then
the PNG and PDF option is okay for you. If you are wanting the vector files
please purchase this add on from our store when ordering your designs. Purchase


Once your designs are ready to be approved by you, we will send over a proof
file for you to look at and approve before sending the final files. We include
2 free revisions
Any revisions thereafter will be a small revision fee. Please keep in mind
that revisions will take a touch longer than the stated turnaround time.

What Edits are included

✓ Colour adjustment
✓ Positioning of design
✓ Spelling or typo's

what doesn’t count and will be charged as an extra if not stated in the
original order?

✕ Any design change
✕ Changing fonts
✕ Changing business name entirely after receiving your 1st proof


Our standard turnaround time is 1-3 working days for the premade packages and
5 working days for any custom orders.


• Font files are NOT included
• Digital files only - nothing is sent by post but print options are available
upon request
• Premade items will be re-listed and re-sold these are not one-off designs,
if you would like a one of design that is custom to you please choose the
custom order option the store



Also known as a primary logo which is self-explanatory, it’s the main logo
used to represent your brand and business. All other brand logos stem from this
primary logo design.
Primary logos are typically the most extensive of all brand designs. Any
taglines, est. dates, illustrations, etc., usually make their way into this
main logo design.
Your primary logo design needs lots of space because of its intricacies and
size. Best used in larger areas (Facebook header, letterhead, business cards


Your secondary logo is also known as an alternate logo.
Great now you have the main logo! But its long and square and doesn’t fit in
your profile picture… this is where the secondary logo steps in. A secondary
logo is an alternate layout of your main logo, this is typically circular which
fits great in your social media profile pictures.
Since this is usually used in a smaller area, I tend to remove any creative
elements or taglines from secondary logo design and focus on the brand name.


What is a submark logo?
Submark logos (also known as logo submarks or brandmarks) are simple, small,
but identifiable brand designs. A submark mark is a small, usually circular
logo that includes your brand’s initials.
Some submark designs include the full business name and/or a creative element.
Submarks fit in condensed spaces where the larger logo variations won’t work.
These are also great to watermark your images with as they take up minimal


The smallest of your brand identity is the favicon! Usually, favicons go
unnoticed, but they give your website and brand a clean professional look.
Favicons are similar to submarks, but an even smaller design mark that only
includes your brand initials OR a tiny illustration.
If you’re reading from a desktop, do you see the branded icons on the left of
all the tabs you’ve got open on your browser window? Those are called favicons.
A favicon serves one purpose: to provide a final branded touch to your website.
If a website doesn’t have a branded favicon, the website platform’s logo
displays instead. For example, WordPress will use its W favicon on your website
if you don’t upload your own, which just looks unpolished.

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