Calligraphy handmade handesigned Honey jar labels etiquettes, labels personalized, customized canning jar bottle stickers for honey

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I share with You my first handmade calligraphy labels, that proudly serve on
wonderful Home made products of my cousins's eco food OPG Miron Bedek!!!

I will send them to You IN DIGITAL FORM!!! I had to put it this way, so I can
make different price options.

This price is for a set of three labels, but that refer on same thing, which
is here - Honey, three sorts of honey, three flowers three labels.
All of the elements You see here are extra special in this digital age - they
are ALL made by hand, written with calligraphy pen and ink, painted with
acrylic paints, decorated with the silver and gold ink.
Then, they are photographed and digitally edited for printing - It surely is a
lot of work :-)!!

If You are in a similar need, searching for a calligraphy handmade design in
historical scripts for Your product, let me know!!! But, let us discuss all the
details first :-).

I was so happy when I got this exciting task, to create original handmade
calligraphy stickers, to make the products in them even more magical and
These are the labels, that I did for the home made Honey, that comes in the
delicate tastes of the Sunflower, Acacia and Rapeseed!!
The first design was placed on a old aged paper background, but eventually my
buyers wanted it on a white papers, for a better contrast.
For the main logo I chose the elegant Copperplate (used from 18th-21st
century), and accompanied it with a combination of the Caroline minuscule
(9th-12th century) and Uncial script (2nd-9th century).
I am soo thrilled and excited when I see how well the combinations of
historical letters turn out and am looking forward to many more such

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