Cat Recipe Cards Size 4x6 for Recipe Box, Custom Gift for Mother’s Day, Cute, Heavy, Double-Sided Personalized Recipe Sheet

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Apricot (Long Hair)
Black (Long Hair)
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*All cards will have the layout showcased in the orange cat card images*

✤ 4 x 6 inches
✤ Printed on both sides
✤ Your choice of cat color

This adorable customized recipe card is for all the cat lovers of the world!
There are 8 different coats, so there should be something for everyone! The
cute illustrated cat sits on the recipe title line giving these cards
personality. I made the design more functional than my first printing by
updating the front layout. This maximizes the readability and organization of
the ingredients. The orange cat images showcase what the front of the new
design looks like.

The size (4x6 inches) is a standard size for large recipe cards. There is a
good amount of space to write on these cards, with the back dedicated as extra
space for notes.

The background is a very light off-white with a small beige border, the color
scheme is very neutral which allows the cat & yarn design to shine!

Each cat has its own specific yarn color that complements the color of the
fur. Ranging from Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple. The Apricot cat will
come with a peachy-pink yarn (Shown in the last images) in place of the orange
yarn shown in the first example. A coordinating shade for the paw prints will
match the yarn color to create a cohesive & adorable recipe card. If you have
any specific questions, please message me!

-- Zenith Clay

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