Complete Holiday Mugshot Card 5-pack, Season's Greetings, Animal Stationary, Winter Solstice, Candiana, Christmas Animals, candycane, eggnog

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These playful blank holiday cards are a perfect way to celebrate!

Each image is originally hand-painted by Toronto-artist Jamie Ashforth. Frame
your card and voila! Easy, affordable art!

Product Details:
Five 4"X6" blank greeting cards, including a holiday sheep, goat, donkey,
ostrich and alpaca
Archival digital prints on sturdy 325gsm matte white paper
Prints are a high resolution digital scan of original acrylic paintings
Included with each card is one garnet envelope measuring 4 1/4"X 6 1/4", 80lb
matte garnet coloured paper with a peel and stick seal

Additional Information
Brand AshforthPress