CUSTOM Bow and Fur Graduation Cap

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If you're looking to place a CUSTOM ORDER, right place right time!
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THESE grad cap topper are in the FUR LAYOUT (add-ons adhere to boarder prior
to detailing with bling, ex. bow with or without woords*)
So the coolest thing is.... IT STICKS to your physical graduation cap! While
still allowing you to move your tassel ;)

*EVERYONES topper is unique and 1 of 1
*Keep and stick to wall, put in a showdown box, or the car dashboard!

A lot of card stock and deluxe craft paper to assemble the base. Following the
edges are detailed! The center assembly varies but it'll catch EVERYONE'S

Embellishments and cut outs do not only include a quote of your choice, but
THEME! Are you graduating with nursing, educating, psychology, any particular
degree? If you want to mention someone who pushed you to this moment, no

Sometimes your vision is huge! Regardless no detail is too small, tell us,
you'd be amazed how spectacular these keepsake toppers look with small details
and embellishments. This is your vision, we are rooting for you!

Personalized CUSTOM orders generally have a production time of 3-4 weeks
including shipping. IF you need keepsakes IN HAND SOONER, TEXT ME

OH! Don't hesitate to tell me what you DO NOT like, as these are 90% freestyle
! Take a look at the custom orders we shipped and delivered by hand. Use them
for inspiration if you wish!

Freestyles are a mixture of**:
Graduation embellishments
School name/Mascot
Theme for degree/certificate
Extra bling
Extra words
Image/Silhouette Cutout

Congratulations! Weather it took two years, or ten years, there is still room
for you at the top!
You can find so many more of my creative ideas on Instagram

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