Custom made writing kit for kids. Letter from Caroline includes five 1st class domestic stamped self-address envelope and accessories.

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Clear some space on the refrigerator door!
Letter from Caroline is a children’s writing kit designed for them to
communicate with their loved ones though the mail. Our personalized stationery
kits are boxed with all the items a child needs to create that special picture,
letter, or short story to share with grandparents, aunts, uncle, or a special
pen pal buddy.
I was inspired to create Letter from Caroline when I gave my own
granddaughter, Caroline, a set of stamped and addressed envelopes. You can only
imagine the joy I felt when only a few weeks later I received my first letter
back from Caroline. She thoughtfully included a hand drawn picture with a short
story, personal letter, and even a friendship bracelet. This was truly a gift
for both of us!
No more searching for stamps, addresses, or envelopes! The Letter from
Caroline box includes 1st class domestic stamped self-address envelopes (one
address per kit), crayons, stickers, stationary, pens, and other crafting
items; an all-inclusive package for communicating with loved ones.
After receiving their Letter from Caroline box, the child can begin creating
their special messages and artwork for their loved ones (that’s you!). Since
the envelopes are stamped and addressed, all they must do is stuff their
creations in the mail and wait to hear back after you receive their special
letter. The gift with many returns for everyone!
Kits come in packs of five or ten with a choice of standard or holiday version.
Gift is custom made and will ship in 1-2 weeks. Free domestic shipping
Kit Includes:
• Domestic First-Class Stamp Envelopes
• Stickers
• Sticky Note Pads
• Multicolored Pen
• 4-Pack Crayons
• Sheets of Photo Paper
• Card Stock notes and paper

Small parts are in this kit and not for children under 3 Yrs.

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