Custom Stationery Set Commission - Matching Cards and Postcards! Envelopes Included!

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Hi! Thanks for being interested in my commissions. Before you order, please
read through the following (admittedly very long) description. If you place
your order, I will assume that you have read through the following in its

The following is included in your purchase:

1. 10 hand-printed 5x7 cream cardstock cards
2. 10 hand-printed 4x6 postcards
3. 10 kraft brown 5x7 envelopes, blank

The following options are customizable:

1. Commissioned Piece: If you want your piece to be completely custom, order a
commissioned piece. I will create a 4x6 inch linocut stamp (or linocut stamps
that complete a 4x6 inch design) to create your custom stationery. This will
add $50 to your order total. If you end up ordering a custom piece, please read
my Commission Rules and Policies section below.

2. Piece from Existing Stamps/Linocuts: If you want me to use stamps that are
already made, I can! Just indicate which linocut stamps (by looking at my
listings) and how you want them arranged. This does not add anything to your
order total!

3. Reordering a Previous Commissioned Piece: If you have ALREADY purchased a
custom piece OR a piece from existing stamps, you can reorder it for a lower
price! This only applies to customers who have ALREADY PURCHASED THIS LISTING

2. Use Allowance: If you want others to be able to see and purchase your
design, that’s great! If you want your design to be completely custom and used
only by you, that’s also fine. Just indicate “use allowance: yes” (for others
to be able to purchase your design) or “use allowance: no” (if you want your
design to only be for you) in the personalization box. Use allowance only
applies to commissioned pieces. Pieces made from existing stamps are fair game
for anyone.


1. No words, text, or strings of numbers. One large letter or number is fine
if incorporated into your design (i.e., the letter “A” surrounded by flowers).

2. No offensive symbols or imagery. The qualification of “offensive” is up to
me and me alone.

3. I reserve the right to cancel and refund any order for any reason.

4. Commissions are black and white (postcards) or black and cream (cards)
unless there is a prior agreement between me (the shop owner) and you (the
customer). Please contact me if you would like your stationery to be printed in
a different color or colors. Pieces in paint colors that I do not own will
increase by $10, and a custom listing will be made for you. DO NOT ORDER CUSTOM

5. Please explain what you would like your matching cards and postcards to
look like IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. I will follow up with you via message
to send you proofs and ask any questions. Be prepared to explain your idea
thoroughly and feel free to message me with inspiration photos. I will NOT
directly copy another artist’s work without their EXPLICIT permission*.

6. My signature will be on each of your stationery pieces and shall not be
removed or covered.
You may not sell your stationery without credit. Sending your stationery to
anyone or anywhere is perfectly fine! Just don’t sell your stationery to others
and say it is your own.

*Explicit permission looks like: an email from their official email, forwarded
or sent directly to me/a message from the artist to me directly concerning you
and your art specifically from their official social media platform/a contract
between you and the artist, signed by both parties/similar proof of ownership
and permission.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading! Feel free to ask me any
questions through message or email.

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