Daisies - Original Cyanotype Art/Postcards

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Set of three original floral cyanotypes on blank postcards, depicting images
of daisies in various shades of blue. Each cyanotype is created via contact
printing with live botanicals and sunlight exposure. Due to this process, each
cyanotype is unique, and can not be replicated exactly -- these cyanotypes are
not prints, and are one of a kind!

Use these postcards a an avenue to send a little message, or keep them for
yourself! Postcards can be framed and kept as art, as they are original

Each image is discreetly signed in the front bottom corner of the postcard.
Cyanotypes created on cold press, 140 lb., acid-free watercolor postcard paper.
Postcards measure 4"x6".

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Brand RayneArtStudio