Dragon Magick Note Cards, Set of Six, 5.5x4 Folded Note Cards, Blank Inside, with Envelopes, Original Artwork, Dragon Magick Paintings

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Hello Beautiful Beings,

I'm so tickled to be able to offer you a bit of Dragon Magick in a note card

These delightful Dragons are from my original Dragon Magick Series which you
can find here: https://ilisamillermoon.com/product-category/dragon-magick/

I’ve had dragons in my life since I was a child and it’s SHEER BLISS to now
bring them to life in my paintings.

Each Dragon comes to me either in a meditation or in my dreams. They tell me
what colors to use and how they would like to be revealed to the world.

Often, they will not leave my mind until I create them per their instructions.
Each Dragon has its own personality and healing attributes.

Dragons are loyal guardians, healers, guides and they want to help you bring
back adventure in your life.

My cat, Bhanu is not included, but he wanted to join in and assist me with the
photo shoot. I had to oblige him!

All items are shipped with LOVE and CONFETTI!

Love, Light and Dragon Magick,
Ilisa Millermoon

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