Egg Carton Labels, Buffalo Plaid, Buffalo Check, 3 part label sets, peel and stick

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Free Range
Pasture Raised
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How popular is buffalo plaid right now! Customize this popular design with
your farm name! You also receive a label for the front panel and side panel
with each top label for a professional look. You will receive ACTUAL
LABELS--not a digital file.

Regarding "How Managed?"

Free Range generally means: Birds are free to roam, nest and perch in a
protected coop with access to the outdoors. Birds are never in cages (except
for broody breaking and recovering from illness/injury). Birds may be allowed
outside the coop, but this isn't everyday and is usually supervised.*

Pasture Raised generally means: Birds are free roam outside the coop at least
6 hours per day. Their foraging area is grassy and birds get at least a part of
their nutrition from foraging. There are no more than 100 birds per 1/4 acre
(108 sf per bird). Birds may be brought in at night for safety. It is
understood that birds may not go outside when the weather threatens their


-Your farm name
-What you would like on your side/info label (1" x 2 5/8"). Customers
sometimes choose, "Please Return Clean Cartons," "laid on" with lines for
writing, their contact information, bacteria warnings, etc. Please tell us
exactly what you would like to see.

NOTE: The long skinny label across the front will match what you choose on
top. It is not available for further customization. To add personal info,
indicate what you'd like on the SIDE LABEL.

Why choose us? While some sellers offer a standard label size that one might
find at Office Depot or from Amazon, our label stock was commissioned
specifically for egg cartons (2.75" x 10" vs 8" labels found in other shops)
and have rounded corners. Our products are completely full color, with no
"white space margin" unless it is part of the design. We use commercial
printers to provide you with the best quality product possible.

*These terms parallel the egg industry and may not reflect the way farmers
typically understand their meaning. We encourage cruelty free practices. Our
shop does not service farms that are only "cage free," and certainly not any
caged or "battery" birds. Buyer also warrants that they do not use industry
practices such as beak cutting or starvation to force molting.

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