Hallmark Mahogany Anniversary Card, Love Card for Significant Other (Black Love Magic)

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Surprise your spouse or significant other with a love note that's sure to
brighten their day, whether it's your anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just a
regular old Tuesday.
Cover features a gold foil silhouette of a heart with foil "Black love magic"
on a glittery striped background.
Inside reads: "We've got black love magic. We're staying in it together,
holding it down together, feeling it deep together—beautifully, boldly,
soulfully—with everything one person can give another, we're doing this. Our
black love is magic. Right before we touch. . . in the seconds that feel like a
million years before your lips come to mine and your body rests on mine. . .
You're so good to me, and good for me, and, Baby, I'm so thankful."

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