Holographic Sticker Pack. Goth Style Stickers. Witchy Stickers. 10 High quality Stickers. Sticker Bundle. Ouija Board. Sun And Moon Stickers

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These holographic stickers are of my artworks i drew. Mushroom, Crow,
Planchette, Ouija Board, Bat, Snake, Hamsa Hand, Butterfly, Moth and Moon Check
out my art on facebook and instagram

X10 stickers will be sent out. Also listed separately if you just want one but
this way is way better value for money.

These Stickers high quality and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they
are protected with a UV coating. These would be great on cars and wont fade.

Also great for laptops, skateboard, books, etc

2.8" × 2.1"
2.4" × 2.8"
Ouija Board
3.9" × 3.7"
1.7" × 2.9"
2.4" × 2.8"
2.9 × 1.5"
2.9" × 1.5"
Hamsa Hand
2.2" ×2.9"
2.2" × 2.9"
2.8" x 2"

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