Lot of five Vintage Dog Postcards: Rat Killer Dog, Short-Haired Gun Dog, Pointer, To My Pet Card, Spaniel Russian Foreign Cards 1910s

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Postcards: Group of four from 1910's as described below:

"But": Comic Rat-killing Dog (Probably drawn during WWI for benefit of
soldiers), Used in pencil, No cancellation, No stamp, in excellent condition.
"Short-Haired Gun Dog": Russian foreign, Unused, In excellent condition.
"Pointer": Russian foreign, Unused, In excellent condition.
"To My Pet": Embossed, Used in pencil, in excellent condition.
"Spaniel": Russian foreign, Unused, In excellent condition.

Postcards are great for your collections as you know. Did you also know that
these types of postcards are also great for:
Unused cards: to send to close friends and relatives...they cost no more than
new cards, but are more special because of the history attached to them. You
may also go to Postcrossing.com to get penpals for postcards!
Used cards in pencil: can also be sent by erasing the message and address,
removing the stamp and placing a sticker over the cancellation.
Used cards in pen: can be put in an envelope and sent with a note. The value
is in the picture and the history.

Postcards are very special. Expecially the older ones!

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