Mercy Cards (5)

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A set of 5 Notecards that fold to 5x7, white envelopes included. Copies of the
poetry included:


I am trying to disencumber all of my thoughts
From the onslaught of foolish desires
Unnecessary needs and self-absorption
I can’t help but be entangled, enslaved by silken webs
That hold like chains-an invisible but screamingly powerful grip
My focus needs to shift today-right now
O God, get my vision off of my own life, creature comforts
So called security
And all of the things that would bring acclaim

Anything that may cause me to stumble over mercy
Drown out empathy, compassion and life-saving hope
To the millions of souls crying out in our world
Starving, not for food, but a singular, impassioned
Unconditional pouring out of sacred and deeply faithful love
Purely sacrificial, without inhibition
Spilled, splashed out-completely to the dregs

I don’t know about you, but I need my life to be spent for them
Drained of my own wants until I am dry
Exhausted and sleepless in prayer
Until I truly comprehend, the joy of giving until it hurts

Yet, this requires a supernatural supply of widow’s mites
To amass in my heart, not just in my pockets
And my God cannot rebuild
What has not been thoroughly broken
He won’t erect upon sand or a shaky foundation
So that makes me a perfect candidate
To be the Almighty’s imperfect vessel
He will use the cracks in this shattered façade
And the throbbing heartache from all my trembling days
To cause tenderness and amazing grace
To seep out and then flow like a rapid river
From my willing and open hands
To others who Christ died for and adores
In order to offer light to those, who, like myself
Have been humbled and fractured too


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