Name Sign Gift in Medieval Calligraphy, Perfect as any Holiday gift for the Family, best friends gift, Anniversary gift for the couple

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One of the best gifts I know is a name sign.
Most people love their names or the first letter of their names. in any form
:-). May it be on a big, small paper, canvas, first name, whole name
it :-)! So gifts like these are perfect sign of Love for occasions as
Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday, as a Friendship celebration gift, you
cannot make a mistake :-)!

These signs were made as gifts some time ago...
The names You see here are written in gothic script textura quadrata,
with the first letter decorated in the style of the Lombardic Capitals in
flourished form (third one) or the vintage flourished gothic capital letters.

You can choose Your own design or let me think of something for You :-)!

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