NEW Note Card Set - Fritz the Pug Puppy Note Cards - Pugs Note Cards - 4x5

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Note Card Set - Fritz the Pug Puppy Note Cards - Pugs Note Cards - 4x5 by Pugs
and Kisses

This item is a Box of 8 note cards staring Fritz the Pug Puppy.

Each note card is size 4x5 and deliciously adorable!

You get 2 cards in each of the 4 designs pictured here.

This precious set of note cards features sweet Baby Fritz, the newest
Pugdashian puppy! We can't get enough of his cuteness! He'll grow up so darn
fast; it's wonderful to soak in his cuteness and remember his first weeks with
this beautiful series of cards.

The note cards are all blank on the inside.

Each card is printed beautifully on thick card stock.

The photos show: the box, all of the 4 designs, and the front of each note

We hope you love them!

Please do contact us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to

With pug love and many thanks,
The Pugs and Kisses family

Thank you for supporting pug rescue! 10% of all proceeds from this card and
all Pugs and Kisses products go directly to helping pugs in need. We are
especially dedicated to supporting organizations that help senior pugs live out
their lives in a loving and safe environment. Thank you for all of your help!

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