Organic Elderberry Immunity Plus

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Organic Elderberry Immunity Plus: 8oz jar
Excellent health benefits for your immune system
Made with organic ingredients and raw honey

Ingredients include:
Dried organic elderberries, filtered water, fresh organic garlic, fresh
organic oregano, fresh organic rosemary, fresh organic thyme, fresh organic
mint, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, non GMO dried clove, organic turmeric and
raw honey.

Elderberry>treats respiratory illnesses, flu and colds;relieves nasal
Garlic>antiviral;anti-inflammatory;antibiotic;boosts immunity;
Oregano>antiviral;antibiotic;antioxidant;improves gut health;
Rosemary>antioxidant;anti-inflammatory;cough suppressant
Thyme>quiets coughs;helps prevent infection
Mint>digestive aid;cough suppressant;anti-inflammatory
Ginger>digestive aid;clears sinuses;alleviates
Cinnamon>antimicrobial;helps stop the growth of bacteria;treats the common cold
Clove>Relieves upper respiratory infections;reduces inflammation;improves
Turmeric>anti-inflammatory;boosts digestion;boosts immunity;natural antibiotic
Honey>antibacterial;antioxidant;soothes coughs

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