Paris snail mail kit no. 1, Travel gift stocking stuffer, penpal kit, Young girl gift stationery set, French letter writing set

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Perfect stocking stuffer for both Paris lovers and those dreaming of travel!
This 20+ piece Parisian stationery kit is intended as a fun penpal set to
rekindle your love of letter writing-- which is perfect in this Covid-distanced
era. We have collage style letter writing kits that come with everything you
need (including the stamps!) to send memorable notes to your friends and loved
ones. They also make great gifts for your far-away loved ones!

The Paris no. 1 pen pal kit includes:
- 3 envelopes (2 handmade!) with blank cards for writing and decorating
- 3 USA Forever postage stamps
- fun French stickers
- patterned papers in coordinating colors
- cute cutouts
- bit of ribbon
- stamped paper
- page from a vintage book in French
- white address labels
- quotes and jokes about mail
- instruction/inspiration sheet
- random little extras :)

IMPORTANT: Each kit is unique and handmade, and cannot be reproduced exactly,
but you can expect VERY SIMILAR items/colors to what is shown. This makes each
kit special and one-of-a-kind.

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Grand Opening - September 16th 2020! --- I have always loved sending mail, so
I decided to help others do the same. The shop may be brand new, but I'm a
veteran Etsy seller of 9 years. My other shop is where I sell photography
prints. Check out my reviews there to see what kind of customer service and
quality you can expect :)

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