ScratchMe ™ 3rd Grade Meet The Teacher Custom Scratch Off Student Postcards - Outer Space (30) +QR CODE Option Available

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Pack of 30
Pack of 30 + QR CODE
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Your picture(s)/digital character(s) will be under the one-inch, holographic
sticker(s)! We can also provide you with a sticker sheet of your QR codes that
can link your student/family to any digital media. Please see the photo in the
product photo gallery to see suggested placement on the card. You are
responsible for creating the code. There are a ton of free websites that
generate QR codes. We recommend!

*Headshot type photos are best with you looking directly at the camera with
good lighting
*Be sure to include your whole face
*If you submit a picture with any portion of your head cropped out (ex: part
of forehead) it will be harder to make the photo look proportionate under the
scratch off
*We can remove the background
*If you submit a photo with you waving, doing a thumbs up, or wearing a
teacher tshirt, please specify if you would like it to be in the photo
*Photos are generally cropped at their shoulders to highlight the face

How To
Use a coin to scratch off the sticker. They are not meant to be peeled.

Postcards can be mailed with postcard stamps that can be purchased at your
post office or

Please note, due to changes in branding, the back of some cards may look
different (but similar!) than pictured above, and have our parent company name,
EmGraceStudio LLC, on the back.

Additional Information
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