Set of (2) RV Car Truck Pontoon Boat Trailer Side Accent Decals Graphics Stripes ST51

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22" x 2.5" inches
60" x 7.25" inches
96" x 12" inches
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2 RV Trailer Truck Boat Accent Stripe Decals Graphics Color Choice

All graphics will arrive on backing sheets with transfer tape for easy decal
This sale includes one set of right and left side graphics.
Measurements: Please see pictures for size and color options Please message us
if you would like alternate sizes. IF NO COLOR IS REQUESTED THE LISTING PICTURE
(large picture) WILL BE SENT
Colors: Choose from the color palette on listing picture 2
Size- Can be modified.
Vinyl-5-7yr outdoor rated
Graphics can be applied to any flat non-porous surface.
We use original equipment grade materials in making our graphics so you
receive an exceptional product. Excellent UV , temperature, humidity, salt
spray resistance. Gloss finish. If properly installed graphics may last up to 7

(Note: Settings on monitors, devices etc can vary from one to another and
colors and sample pictures shown on our products are representative of the
actual colors we use.)

Warning: Do not use any aromatic solvents such as acetone, M.E.K., toluene,
paint thinner, lacquer thinner, gasoline or ammonia-based cleaners to clean the
surface area.
Saturate a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface where the
vinyl is to be applied to remove any contaminates such as silicone, wax, or
adhesives. Thoroughly dry the surface area with a lint free dry cloth.
Temperatures of 50º to 90º F, with 70° to 80°F being the optimum range make
sure surface area is not too hot or cold prior to applying.


Step 1: Leaving the release liner on , position the vinyl on the substrate,
taking care to measure and align it properly.

Step 2: When it’s positioned correctly, apply a hinge using painter’s tape or
something similar, to affix the graphic in place (from the center).
Your hinge should secure the vinyl and liner to the substrate.

Step 3: With the masked vinyl print secured, lift one side of the vinyl away
from the substrate and remove the release liner.
Peel the masked vinyl and lay it back down on the other half of the graphic.

Step 4: Using scissors, a utility or exact o knife, cut away the exposed half
of the release liner.
Take a moment to make sure you still have a clean dry surface. Bits of dust or
release liner fragments left behind can cause ‘bubbles” under your print.

Step 5: Raise the half with exposed adhesive and carefully lay it down on the
surface, working with your squeegee to get a smooth, bubble and wrinkle-free
Work from the center hinge outward.

Step 6: Then lift the other half, remove the remaining release liner and
repeat the process.
When both sides are secured, finish burnishing and then remove the application
tape at 45 degree angle.
Allow some time for the adhesive bond to form. And you are finished.

Potential Uses
Sea Doo
Suntracker pontoon
Boston Whaler
Fishing Boats

Additional Information
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