Stocking Stuffer for Reader: Paperback Book Postcards, Biographies, Ready to Mail for Save the Date, Zero Waste Gift, Student Notes, Invite

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Yes!! Real paperback book covers recreated into novel postcards for notes of
invitation, information and affection.

What to do when you are my husband Tim and you can't stand to see a paperback
book go to waste? You come up with a great rescue operation!! Using old,
damaged and discarded paperback books Tim has created a line of genre postcards
to charm for any occasion.

- Each set includes 12 Biography and Autobiography Paperback Book Postcards

-Postcards measure 6.15" x4" and are approved by the US Postal System as
properly sized for postcard stamps. We have mailed many a Book Postcard

- Every set of 12 postcards that Tim makes is carefully trimmed and stamped on
the reverse with one of four vintage postcard rubber stamp designs (see photo)

- Sets include a variety of titles and art work but will be carefully chosen
to adhere to the genre

- All postcards are made from the actual cover, not scanned copies (as that
would infringe on the cover artists copyrights and defeat the nature of saving
and recycling a product destined for destruction)

- Since the postcards are made from the covers of used books, some items will
have creases, light stains, stray writing, and a very few may have period price
tags. Some backs are browned with age, and some have publisher's logos and/or
UPC bars. These "character enhancers" will never be such that they would
interfere with you being able to use the product in the mail

- We try to recycle and reuse all the parts of damaged books and remove them
from the landfill stream or the potential of incineration

All items are handmade from rescued and reused materials in my Oregon home!

1st class free postage, USPS.

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