The Propaganda Pack: 6 Assorted Iron Fox Typewriter Stickers

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Get all SIX ORIGINAL Iron Fox analog art stickers in one pack! Including the
sticker that started it all for us; "This Machine Kills Fascists", borrowed
from the iconic antifascist musician Woody Guthrie. Each sticker is a
reproduction on an original piece of art made by Ian McAndrew exclusively for
the Iron Fox Typewriters and are made from waterproof, high-tack adhesive UV
resistant glossy vinyl printed and produced locally in New Jersey. You purchase
supports a small business that only works with other small businesses.

The Propaganda Pack includes:
(1)"Publish or Perish" 4"x4" round vinyl sticker
(1)"Talk Qwerty to Me" Rockabilly Babe 4"x4" round vinyl sticker
(1)"Talk Qwerty to Me" Rockabilly Fella' 4"x4" round vinyl sticker
(1)Typewriter Pop Art - 4"x4" Vinyl Sticker
(1)"Just Three Words Start a Revolution" 4"x 4" Vinyl Sticker
(1)"This Machine Kills Fascists" 2x3 vinyl sticker

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