Vintage 17 Beer Label Bundle '60s PBR ABC Rex 102 Golden Gate Einbock Keg Sportz Midcentury Collage Deadstock

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Seventeen (17) Vintage Beer Label Bundle; 17 different varieties

see pics for scale
all are old, dead stock and haven't been previously stuck on bottles; paper
w/lightly gummed rears
circa 1960s (with a possibly a few from the 50s and 70s, too)
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you get one of each as shown:
Rex Pale Lager Beer
Shoppers Premium Pale Beer
Spring Draft Beer
Club House Draft Beer
Burgermeister Beer
Golden Gate Draft Beer
Keg Beer
Steinbrau Pale Dry Lager Beer
Sportz Club Beer
102 Pale Dry Brew
Einboch Draft Boch
Brewers Best Premium Bavarian
ABC Extra Pale Dry Beer
Bavarian Weiss Genuine
Old Tyme Lager Beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon

VG+ condition with small patch of sticky residue on backs where tags were

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Brand TradrDon