Vintage Postcard Folders Western Scenes and Action

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These vintage postcard folders have the rich colors and vibrant style of
printing done from the 1930's - 1950's. The folders are pre-owned but not
written on and have no stamps. The condition is good with a little ageing of
the paper. They measure 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" on the outside dimension and 4 1/4" x
36" when opened in full.

History of Postcards and Folders
What is the History of these postcards?

Postcard collectors are known as deltiologists, the hobby is deltiology. The
idea of introducing postcards was credited to a german, Von Stephen, the first
printing was in Austria in 1869. The first printing in the United States was in
1872 which were plain U.S. Postal cards. The U.S. Postal Service inaugurated
the use of postal cards on May 13, 1873.

This craze swept the world in the late 1800’s when World Expositions in
France and Columbia were producing souvenir postcards to illustrate the
once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover exotic sites past one’s own backyard. The
golden age of picture postcards was from 1902 to 1918, giving interesting
insight into human life during that era - spanning from family photos to comic
cards and tourist views. Linen postcards were published in the hundreds of
millions between 1931 to 1950 transforming a depression era America into a
saturated dreamscape with exaggerated perspectives. The linen texture of the
postcards was actually designed to enhance coloring on these postcards leading
to the hyper-colorful landscapes and city scenes.

While extremely rare and historical cards can fetch upwards of thousands of
dollars at auction these days, vintage postcards (both used and unused) can
also be enjoyed for their rich history and artwork - so send one to a friend!
Incorporate them in a collage! Frame a grouping of them for some excellent wall
decor! Enjoy the field of deltiology and the art it offers in artistic
possibility and make your own treasures using these great materials to work

Enjoy the adventure of post card collecting and creating!

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