Vintage Stationery/ Snail Mail/ New Orleans Courtyards/ Pre-Flood / Historical Places/ Note Cards/ Old Paper/ Memorabilia

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A vintage red box with vintage stationery note cards from original oil
paintings by O.L. Coleman
of several historic and beautiful Courtyards located in New Orleans, L.A.
(date on back of notecards 1973) pre-flood

The orginal set was 12 assorted notes and 12 envelopes
there are a couple of other note cards that did not come with the initial set

Here is a list of what is included:

The Demarchy Courtyard (3)
The Brulatour Courtyard (3)
The Spanish Arms Courtyard (3)
The Bosque Courtyard (2)
Sidewalk Artist Old New Orleans (copyright 1967)
Rue Chartres Old New Orleans (")
Elmwood Louisiana from an original oil painting by Don Davey (1968)
(one of original set is missing from the box but an additional 3 others by
different artist are included)

This is a nice little collection of note cards that can be used for writing
letters, scrapbooking, journaling, or collections

10 envelopes in box

safe packaging provided
thank you for viewing

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