Vinyl graphic decals set of handmade for Yamaha 40 hp two stroke outboard engine.Vinyl kit graphic stickers for Yamaha 40 hp 2 str.Handmade

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Our post of Ukraine works and delivers goods all over the world on time,
regardless of the current difficult situation in our country.

Stickers are not OEM parts, these are handmade. Gold shimmer.

Stickers are produced on self-adhesive vinyl film with lamination.
We use only high-quality films from well-known manufacturers.
Each sticker containing more than one small piece will be sealed with transfer
Transfer tape helps transfer glued parts to the engine without disturbing the
dimensions between the stickers.
Large parts of the decals are not covered with transfer tape.
Stickers may differ slightly from the original in color, size, shape.
Waterproof, frost-resistant and heat-resistant, petrol-resistant - (if not
left for a long time in a petrol environment).
Stickers adhere well to paint, varnish and other cleaned smooth surfaces.
When painting the upper casing, you can stick the decal on the base paint and
cover the decal with clear varnish along with the engine casing.
Decals are resistant to ultraviolet light, but over the years, under the
influence of sunlight, over time, everything fades and loses color, be it a
sticker or paint, etc. But this will not happen in the early years.
1. - Great price.
2. - Vinyl films from only the best manufacturers.
3. - There is expedited delivery.
4. - Possibility to supplement the complete set with stickers, plates on your
engine, according to your photos and measurements. (Send photos and
measurements in a message to us).
5. - Ability to change color, font, size of decals.
Instructions for correct gluing.
1. Prepare a room with a temperature of +20 C and more.
2. Water in a spray device, preferably
distilled water about 300 grams, and add to it
pure soap (no additives) a couple of drops, or very small
piece of solid. Stir well.
3. Prepare a special spatula to remove
drops of water formed under the sticker.
4. Clean wipes not leaving after
yourself particles.
5. Ethyl alcohol to remove fat content from
6. Accurately measure the place for sticking.
7. Calculate the surface of the sticking place.
8. Remove grease from the surface of the place of sticking clean
napkin with ethyl alcohol.
Before removing small parts from the backing,
it is necessary to press the transfer film well against the decals.
And make sure the small parts are attached to the transfer film.
Small parts with transfer foil, put on the engine cover, without water.
(Large parts of the stickers,
which do not have a film for transferring the image of small details,
must be glued with water.).
After that, the transfer film is removed easily.
After transferring to the engine.
9. Remove the film from the back of the sticker, revealing
sticky side.
10. Apply water from a spray bottle, to large parts of the decals on the
adhesive layer,
and to the surface to which the decals will be glued.
11. Glue the sticker on the surface you need,
we fix the sticker, shifting in place, and squeeze out
Accumulated drops of water with a spatula, removing drops
water to the edge of the sticker.
12. After you need to wait about 24 hours.
No need to test for durability.
For good bonding, 2-3 days are needed.
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