VOGUE Inspired Magazine Cover and Subscription Card Theme Set: For Invitations, Thank You Cards, Novelties, Posters, Gallery Prints, etc

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You will receive a Custom Digital Design of a Magazine Cover and Subscription
Card Theme of your choice. These designs can be used for For Invitations, Thank
You Cards, Novelties, Posters and more.

Please Note you will receive this order in a Digital File of a Flattened and
Finished Image. This is not a template and prints of this file is not included
in the price. Upon your order, we will provide you a PDF of suggestions to
places to get your prints made. We do however offer prints as well if you would
like to order everything pre-done from us. If you would like to request print
prices, please let us know in your order.

This set can be ordered in sizes that reflect a 2 Part Print Design or a
Single front and back Print design.

The 2 Part Design is based on the Magazine Cover being designed in standard
8x10 size print, along with the matching Subscription Style Card in a 4x6
standard print. The Magazine Design Print can also be ran off in Poster Style
sizes such as 16x20. This set is useful for Novelties and keepsakes. They can
even be used as Invites and Thank You Cards if you would like to print multiple
copies of one or both of these items to give out.

The second option is to get more of a formal Invitation or Card Design. We can
Design both the Magazine Cover and Subscription Card in a 5x7 size. You can
then get these printed as individual prints or one print with the designs on
the front and back.

Upon ordering, we will need you to specify the Magazine Theme name you would
like or you can totally make up your own title along with custom sub-tittles
and content on the cover and subscription cards.

If you would like for us to give you ideas for your content, please specify
this with your order.

We offer One Revision included with this purchase, unless it is and error on
our part. This includes if you would like to change your image or any content.
Additional changes after one Revision will cost extra (to be determined by how
much you would like changed).

Once information is submitted, there will be a 2 to 3 day turn around for your
finished design. Please leave room for this turn around and be sure to give us
an absolute deadline if your design is for a specific event.

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