Yosemite Greeting Cards | Yosemite Night Photography

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The amazing night skies of Yosemite National Park are featured in this set of
5 blank photo greeting cards. Yosemite has some of the darkest skies in
California, and the Milky Way shines bright over the Valley. Moonlight also
illuminates the famous features of Yosemite during the full moon. This set of 5
greeting cards shows the night skies of Yosemite, and it makes a great gift for
nature lovers.

Each card measures 5" x 6.5" and features a 4x6 photograph mounted onto
acid-free cardstock. These handmade cards all come with a matching envelope,
and the name and year of each image is printed on the back with the
photographer's logo. The inside of the card is left blank for your personal

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Card #1: "Rising Above"
Card #2: "Galactic Valley"
Card #3: "Moonlight Mirror"
Card #4: "Uprising"
Card #5: "Tunnel Glow"

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