Z900 Complete Wheel Decal/Sticker Set

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Gloss Black
Gloss White
Gloss Orange
Gloss Yellow
Gloss Purple
Gloss Blue
Gloss Green
Gloss Red
Gloss Gold
Gloss Silver
Gloss Turquoise
Gloss Pink
Matte Black
Matte White
Matte Orange
Matte Yellow
Matte Purple
Matte Blue
Matte Green
Matte Red
Matte Gold
Matte Silver
Matte Aqua
Matte Pink
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Pink
Florscent Red/Orange
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Red
Yellow/Rossi Yellow
Reflective Black
Reflective Yellow
Reflective Green
Reflective Orange
Rflctive Whit/Silver
Reflective Red
Reflective Blue
Chrome Silver
Chrome Gold
Chrome Copper
Chrome Rose Gold
Chrome Orange
Chrome Red
Chrome Purple
Chrome Blue
Chrome Amyethyst
Chrome Teal
Chrome Green
Chrome Black
Flrcnt Chrome Orange
Florscnt Chrome Pink
Flrscnt Chrome Green
Flrcnt Chrome Yellow
Carbon Effect Black
Carbon Effect White
Carbon Effect Red
Brsd Metal Rose Gold
Brushed Metal Gold
Brushed Metal Copper
Brushed Metal Silver
Sparkle Silver
Sparkle Gold
Sparkle Light Blue
Sparkle Rose Gold
Sparkle Royal Blue
Sparkle Red
Sparkle Purple
Sparkle Teal
Sparkle Black
Sparkle Green
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Complete Set: Front & rear, both sides.

Pack contents (As pictured)

4 Model Specific Decals for Rear (2 for each side of the wheel)

4 Model Specific Decals for Front (2 for each side of the wheel)

12 Model Specific Rim Decal

12 x Rim tape matching your selected colour

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